Used Kia Niro

An SUV that embraces the very best in hybrid engine technology, the fantastic Kia Niro is a model beyond compare. Featuring the exceptional styling for which Kia is renowned, as well as impressive interior space, cutting-edge technology, and the utmost in safety, the Niro is a contemporary choice for the modern motorist. And, with the reliability that comes from the manufacturer’s acclaimed warranty, you can be confident that the Niro provides enduring quality for many miles to come.

A used Kia Niro 2020 is the perfect choice for those who want to experience eco-friendly driving with a spacious and comfortable interior. The used Kia Niro 2021 is an upgraded version of the 2020, boasting advanced features and improved fuel efficiency. For the latest in hybrid technology and design, the Used Kia Niro 2022 is the top pick, offering innovative technology and a sleek exterior design.

With the innovative engine options available in the vehicle, it’s no surprise that used Kia Niro vehicles are hugely popular among motorists seeking a second-hand vehicle. At Flear and Thomson in Fife and Stirlingshire, we’re delighted to be able to provide a lineup of pre-owned editions of the vehicle, each available to test drive and purchase today. These models offer exceptional performance as standard, but can also be relied upon to be mechanically sound thanks to the checks conducted by our technicians.

Take a closer look at any of those used Kia Niros we have in stock by browsing through the listings on this page. We frequently update our listings as more and more vehicles come into stock, so continue checking back should you be unable to find something suitable today.