Used Kia Ceed

Sleek and stylish, and with plenty of curb appeal, the Kia Ceed is a dynamic-looking model that provides a well-connected, enjoyable driving experience. Packed with innovative technology, providing great peace of mind through cutting-edge safety features, and with responsive engine options that are punchy but also economical, the Ceed is among Kia’s most popular models to-date, with its wide-ranging appeal taking in everyone from first-time motorists to family drivers.

Whether you are looking for a stylish and compact option with a balance of comfort and agility in the form of a used Kia Ceed 2019, or a model that further refines the driving experience with advanced infotainment and safety features in the form of a used Kia Ceed 2020. For those seeking the latest advancements, we have newly available used Kia Ceed 2022 models, delivering cutting-edge technology, performance, and design, promising an unmatched driving experience.

At Flear and Thomson in Fife and Stirlingshire, you have the opportunity to discover a host of used Kia Ceed models that can be yours to purchase today. Offering the exacting quality and long-lasting reliability that are synonymous with the Kia name, you can be confident that each and every pre-owned Ceed on sale will offer great motoring for many years to come. Not only that, but that there are not outstanding mechanical issues or finance agreements on any model.

Click through the used Kia Ceed listings on this page to learn more about the many attributes to be found throughout the range. You will also be presented with information on vehicle performance, as well as be able to view a selection of images of the model’s exterior and interior attributes.