Pre-Order Offers

Kia Ceramic Glasscoat £549 Superior Paint, Alloy Wheel & Fabric Protection The advanced formula of Kia Ceramic Glasscoat bonds the protective coating to your Kia’s paintwork to provide unrivalled durability. The glass like ceramic finish is extremely resistant to acid rain, pollution, solvent & road salt. Children, dirty sports kit, leaking lunch boxes and pets. Kia fabric protection means peace of mind that the interior of your car is working as hard as the exterior protection system.
  • • Lifetime Guarantee
  • • Easier Faster Cleaning
  • • Envrionmentally Friendly
Kia Fusion £399 Paint & Fabric Protection A durable synthetic coating with colour and durability. Enhancers shield your cars paintwork from road grime. Waxing and polishing is not required, simply wash yourcar to maintain a showroom finish.
Alloy Wheel Guard £200 When you pull up to a parking space and hear that horrible crunch, ultra durable toughened polymer rim that helps protect alloys from kerb damage.
Delivery Pack Picanto & Stonic £269. Sportage, EV9, Niro & Others £299.
Full Set of Carpet Mats Unlike some off-shelf mats, our official Kia mats are specifically tailored to each models floor contours minimising risk of catching under a foot pedal.
Boot Liner Keep your boot clean from dirty boots, pram or golf buggy.
Full Tank of Fuel Save a pit-stop at the fuel station and get to know your car on its first outing together.