Electric Vehicle Motability Benefits

Here at Flear & Thomson, we’re a Kia main dealer and we’re proud to present some of the best vehicles from the range on Motability.

Motability benefits Here are the key benefits of the Motability Scheme…
No Advance Payment Many of our Motability cars come with no Advance Payments, which means you don’t need to pay extra.
RAC Motability Assist Enjoy motoring peace of mind anywhere in the UK or Europe.
Annual servicing Servicing, routine repairs and MOTs are covered by your Motability lease package.
Tyre cover Tyres that are worn or damaged from regular use are replaced free of charge.
Insurance cover Motability delivers comprehensive insurance cover – and you can choose up to three named drivers.
Running costs Because electricity is cheaper than petrol/diesel, electric vehicles are very affordable to run. They’re also exempt from Clean Air Zone charges in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Tyneside and other major conurbations.
Home chargepoint The cost of a home chargepoint (including standard installation) is covered by Motability.

Electric vehicle Motability benefits If you choose a Kia electric vehicle on Motability, there are even more benefits to enjoy.

Automatic transmission All electric vehicles are equipped with single-gear automatic transmission, ensuring simplicity, consistent power delivery and durability.

More About Motability

Want to know more about Motability and how it can benefit you?

Motability Vehicles​

We have a wide range of Kia Motability vehicles for you to choose from.

    Kia Sportage This ever-popular SUV boasts an upscale interior that offers abundant room for travellers and luggage alike; it’s easy to drive and comfortable to travel in too.
    Kia Niro EV6 Blessed with futuristic good looks and possessed of impressive range, the EV6 truly is a revolutionary motor car.
    Kia Niro EV With the all-electric Niro, you’ll enjoy zero-emissions driving that delivers high efficiency, making it an excellent money-saving Motability option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ve included our most frequently asked questions related to Motability below. If your query isn’t among them, please contact Flear & Thomson Perth, Dunfermline or Stirling Kia today.

    Can you adapt a Motability vehicle to my needs?


    Yes. We can adapt it to make it easier for you to drive, access and load bulky items, such as a mobility scooter. Many such adaptations are offered free of charge. Please get in touch to learn more.

    What happens if I’m unable to drive?


    Provided you qualify for Motability, you’ll be absolutely fine because you can choose up to three named drivers, none of whom need to be you.

    What happens at the end of my Motability lease?


    If you’re still in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance, you can choose a brand-new Kia car and continue to enjoy the many benefits afforded by Motability.

    I’m not sure which type of Motability vehicle is best for me – what can I do?


    We’ll be delighted to assist you with this. By considering your particular needs and circumstances, we can help you choose a Kia vehicle that perfectly suits your requirements.