Kia Care Service Plans

Get great value low-cost servicing for your brand new Kia

To welcome you to the Flear & Thomson Kia family, we are offering an exclusive service package on brand new Kia - prices start from £329 inc. VAT.

Introducing Kia Care Service Plans:

A great value service package from Kia which fixes the price of your first 2 and 3 services from £329 inc. VAT! This package price protects you and is open to new Kia owners.

If you decide to keep your Kia longer, Top Ups to include both a 4th and 5th service can be purchased.

You can relax with the knowledge that the first few years of servicing for your new Kia are taken care of and secured at an extremely competitive cost.

Kia Care Service Plan benefits:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Fixed cost and inflation proof services
  • Available for your first 2 or first 3 services on your new Kia
  • Your vehicle will receive a full Kia service history enhancing your resale value
  • Packages are transferable to the new owner if you sell your Kia
  • Our Kia trained technicians will only use genuine Kia parts, using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment

Please see the full price list below:


Make and Model Kia Care (2 services) fromKia Care (3 services) from
Kia Picanto £329£469
Kia EV6£339£429
Kia Cee'd £359£489
Kia Cee'd SW £359 £489
Kia Proceed £359 £489
Kia Sportage £449 £619
Kia Sorento £499£849
Kia Soul EV £259 £629
Kia Xceed £359 £489
Kia Stonic £359 £519
Kia Niro EV£289£359
Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid/Self Charging Hybrid £449£659

e-Care Service Plans

EV6 Price Incl vat
Kia e-care 226bhp powertrain. First 2 visits £339
Kia e-care 226bhp powertrain. First 3 visits £429
Kia e-care 226bhp powertrain. First 3 visits (High Mileage) £749
Kia e-care 321bhp powertrain. First 2 visits £339
Kia e-care 321bhp powertrain. First 3 visits £429
Kia e-care 321bhp powertrain. First 3 visits (High Mileage) £749
Kia e-care 577bhp powertrain. First 2 visits £339
Kia e-care 577bhp powertrain. First 3 visits £429
Kia e-care 577bhp powertrain. First 3 visits (High Mileage) £749

Please contact us for pricing if your are doing more than 11,000 miles per annum in non-EV cars as it will require a Kia Care High Mileage package. This applies to certain models. As more components fitted at service their is a very slight increase in cost of plan.

If you would like more informantion about Kia Care Service Plan Programme please make an enquiry.

Kia aftersales FAQs

When do I need to book my MOT?


Before your Kia reaches its third birthday, you will need to book its MOT appointment – and every 12 months thereafter.

How to determine when your Kia’s MOT is due:

  • V5C logbook – This will have the date of your vehicle’s first registration. Once it’s reached its third birthday, its MOT will be due annually on this date.
  • Previous MOT certificate – If your Kia has a previous MOT, the due date will be on the current certificate.
  • MOT reminder services – You can sign up for free text/email reminders with GOV.UK, where you can also check the MOT history of your vehicle.

What is included in a full service?


A full car service in the UK is a comprehensive check of your vehicle's overall condition and performance. Typically recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, it includes up to 50 or more checks and adjustments. Where appropriate, here are just a handful of the key components inspected:

  • Engine oil and filter change – essential for maintaining engine health
  • Brake inspection – this checks the condition of brake pads, discs and callipers
  • Battery check – this ensures the battery is functioning properly
  • Lights and tyres – we carry out an inspection of all lights, as well as tyre condition and pressure
  • Exhaust system – we check that there are no leaks or damage
  • Fuel filter and spark plugs – if necessary, replacements are made to maintain efficiency

Regular servicing helps to prevent breakdowns, improves fuel efficiency and maintains your Kia’s resale value by ensuring that these and other components are functioning correctly.

What is an MOT?


An MOT (Ministry of Transport) is an annual inspection required for vehicles over three years old to ensure they meet road safety and environmental standards.

How much does a service cost in the UK?


This will depend on the type of service required and the age and mileage of your vehicle. At Flear & Thomson, we offer competitive fixed-price Service Plans under the Kia Care programme, with prices starting from £329.