Electric vehicle leasing At Flear & Thomson Kia in Dunfermline, Fife, Perth and Stirling, our electric vehicle leasing solutions are designed to help you save money while you benefit from the transport you need.

What is an Electric & Hybrid Car Lease?

Our flexible vehicle leasing allows you to select a brand-new Kia car that offers efficiency and performance in equal measure and comes equipped with leading-edge tech.

With Flear & Thomson, you have motoring peace of mind with a lease contract that’s designed specifically for you, and features low, fixed monthly payments and no concealed fees.

What’s included with leasing an Electric & Hybrid Car from Flear & Thomson Kia?

Deals Tailored to You
Nationwide Delivery
Fixed-Cost Motoring
Free SmartFob
£0 Admin Fees
Expert Advice
How much will I save by switching to electric? The benefits of leasing an electrified Kia are many.

▪ Lower running costs – Since electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel, your daily motoring costs are minimised. Additionally, compared to an internal combustion engine, an electric powertrain is comprised of fewer moving parts, which means it’s less likely to go wrong.

▪ Lower taxation – Electric vehicles are subject to the lowest Vehicle Excise Duty rates.

▪ Clean Air Zone exemption – Do you intend to drive to or through Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Tyneside, Sheffield, Bradford or another major UK conurbation? If so, an electric or plug-in hybrid Kia is 100% Clean Air Zone compliant.

How Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing works at Flear & Thomson Kia

Choose your EV Simply choose your ideal Kia model from our hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and 100% electric cars. We have some excellent options. For instance, the Kia EV6 offers a range of up to 328 miles, rapid charging in less than 20 minutes (10% to 80% with a 233kW connector), and 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds.
Tailor your agreement Our adaptable Kia electric vehicle leasing options let you customise your contract to satisfy your specific budgetary requirements.
Order online With Flear & Thomson Kia, you have the freedom to place orders online at your convenience – safely, securely and without any stress.
Delivery Our delivery service covers the whole of Scotland and beyond – select a date and time that works best for you.