Kia Dealer of the Year 2017

• Kia Customer Excellence Award 2017

    • Award Kia Platinum Status for second time which goes to only top three per cent of Kia dealers globally
    • Status was awarded at a global ceremony in Australia
    • Paul Philpott, CEO of Kia Motors UK presented Flear & Thomson with the Platinum Prestige Award

Flear & Thomson Kia with stores in Dunfermline and Stirling are proud to announce being presented with three majors awards in January 2018. Kia UK Dealer of the Year 2017, Kia UK Customer Excellence Award and for the second time, Kia Corporations Platinum Prestige status. The award, verified through Kia’s evaluation program, Dealer Dashboard, is awarded to the top three per cent of Kia dealers globally, and is achieved by providing excellent customer service and for outstanding performance.

Scott Buchanan, Director at Flear & Thomson, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded Kia UK Dealer of the Year 2017, Kia Customer Excellence Award and for a second time, Platinum Prestige status. The award truly shows the quality and hard work of everyone at the dealership, and is something we’re all very proud of!”

SH Cho, President of Kia Australia and New Zealand, awarded Flear & Thomson Kia with the prestigious status at a global ceremony in Melbourne. President and CEO of Kia Motors UK, Paul Philpott then presented Flear & Thomson Kia with a Platinum Prestige ‘Silver Turtle Boat’ at the dealership. The Turtle Ship award is named after a 16th century Korean warship, which was the world’s first armoured battleship. Kia presents the award to dealerships as it symbolises ingenuity and resonates with Kia’s brand identity: ‘distinctive’ and ‘reliable.’