Extras Value Products

Here at Flear & Thomson we offer GardX’s cutting-edge paintwork protection. Etching an invisible layer of sealant into the paintwork of your vehicle, this product creates a smooth, high-gloss finish that protects the exterior from the accumulation of environmental pollutants. The two-stage process involves the preparation and sealing of the paintwork, using Nanotechnology to form a second skin that resists pollutants and grime. Your vehicle will be shielded against UV rays, sea and road salt, and even acid rain to retain a pristine finish wash after wash.
GardX Interior The GardX interior protection helps to keep your vehicle’s interior fabrics and leather clean and fresh. Stain Guard coats individual fabric fibres with an invisible barrier, shielding them from spills, dirt, grease and more. Spilt liquids either pass through the weave without leaving a stain, or ‘bead up’, enabling you to wipe them away. Leather Guard is specially designed for leather, providing protection while allowing it to breathe. Not only does it protect against spills, dirt and stains, it also moisturises the leather to help it retain a supple, natural feel.
WheelGard Providing state-of-the-art protection for your alloy wheels, WheelGard attaches to your wheels to protect them from kerb damage. Carefully engineered and manufactured in the UK, GardX WheelGard shields your alloy wheels without interfering with handling or grip. Choose a discreet design or a colour option to create a striking feature on your car. Fitting is carried out by our GardX-trained technicians.
Delivery Pack Protect your investment with a boot mat and tailored floor mats, fitted in time for delivery of your vehicle. Designed to fit your specific model, these mats help to keep your interior and boot clean and scuff-free, whatever the demands of your schedule. We’ll also deliver your car with a full tank of fuel so you can get on the road straight away. Contact us at Flear & Thomson today to find out more about our extra value products.