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Keeping your vehicle well-maintained by professional mechanics can be problematic in terms of time and convenience. This is particularly true if, for example, you cannot reach your workplace by public transport or you have certain daily commitments such as giving your children a lift to or from school. An ineffectively run garage can also mean an unnecessarily long waiting period before your car is back in your possession.

At Flear & Thomson, we recognise that administrative efficiency is just as important as the skill of our technicians. Booking an aftersales appointment with our Dunfermline dealership is quick and convenient – and with waiting times for minor procedures (MOT tests, for example) usually less than an hour, a procedure at our garages causes as little inconvenience as possible. For services that take longer, we have a number of hire cars available by prior appointment.

Book your service appointment at Flear & Thomson using the form below, or contact our helpful aftersales staff for further enquiries.